Software Releases

NodeM - A Node.js binding to the GT.M language and database

Nodem is an Open Source Addon module for Node.js that integrates Node.js with the GT.M database, providing access to GT.M's database from Javascript, via GT.M's C Call-in Interface. From Node.js you can perform the basic primitive Global Database handling operations and also invoke GT.M/Mumps functions. Although designed exclusively for use with GT.M, Nodem aims to be API-compatible with the in-process Node.js interface for Globals and Cache, at least for the APIs that have been implemented in Nodem. As such, please refer to the Globals Node.js API documentation for further details on how to use those APIs.

Download NodeM from github. Or you may install Nodem using npm:
        $ npm install nodem

dEWDrop Release 5 - VMware Virtual Machine Appliance

dEWDrop contains the latest releases of GT.M, EWD, and WorldVistA EHR at the time of creation, as well as a preconfigured NodeM/ewdGlobals.js interface.

Download dEWDrop Release 5, a development environment for VISTA programmers.

Logging into the dEWDrop machine.   User: vista   Password: ewd
Default codes for accessing VISTA.   Access: worldvista6   Verify: $#happy7

To get to the GT.M direct mode:   mumps -dir
Use sudo to gain root access:   sudo -i
To shut down the machine:   sudo poweroff

md5sum of dEWDrop.7z Release 5 - f6a73c1f8495fb425ca8d71e118a33e4
Approximate size of dEWDrop.7z Release 5 - 1.7 GiB

Documentation for dEWDrop Release 5 (In progress...)

Here are links to the OSHERA getting started guides. Part one Part two

EWD Preprocessor Tools

EWD-Tools is a package of tools for use when working with EWD design pages. They are in effect a preprocessor that can detect wrongly nested or malformed XML tags. They can be found here: EWD Preprocessor Tools

Axiom Package of Developer Tools

Axiom is a package of developer tools for use when editing MUMPS/GT.M routines in Vim. It is called Axiom and is released under the AGPL V.3 license. It can be found here: Axiom Developer Tools